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Port City Coffee Co.

COSTA RICA - Finca El Cipres

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Whole Bean or Ground
SHB EP Tarrazu - Finca El Cipres
"New England" Light Roast - highlighting origin characteristics 
red fruit, strawberry, vanilla, winey acidity, creamy mouthfeel


Varieties: Catuai- Caturra and Villa Sarchi.
Altitude: 1800 masl
Type of coffee: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)
Location: Llano Bonito, León Cortez, Costa Rica
Quality and preparation: Specialty, EP

Processing: Picked when beans reach exact ripeness and washed or honey processed.


Finca El Cipres is named after the variety of tree called El Cipres. The tree is a symbol for the family and they even have a centenary El Cipres tree located in the middle of the property since 1938, holding great value to the Mora family and is the farms official symbol.  The farms growing practices have evolved over decades. In the 90's their methods changed to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Finca El Cipres is a family owned business that prides itself in providing the highest quality coffee beans in the most eco friendly way.