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Port City Coffee Co.

Sumatra Coffee, Indonesia - 340g

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Beans or Ground
Sumatra Mandheling GR1 DP - Fairtrade Organic
Permata Gayo Cooperative

Region: Bener Meriah, province of Aceh

Process: Giling Basah - Semi Washed

This delicious Sumatra coffee is heavy body, semi-sweet, stone fruit, well balanced, smoky and sophisticated.


One particular feature of Sumatra coffee is the processing, which has a direct impact on the characteristics of the bean. Most under-go the process of semi-washing, or Giling Basah, in Bahasa Indonesia language. Another common term in preparation is Double Picking, the beans are hand-picked twice for defects, thus obtaining exportable product with minimal defect. 


Sit back, brew a cup and enjoy the fire.