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PORT CITY CAFE - Monday to Friday 7am - 2pm // Saturday 7am - 2pm // Sunday 11am - 3pm

- Baked Goods - Breakfast Sandwiches - Coffee - Espresso -

Alderney Landing - 2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

902-460-6575 - No Solicitation, calls related to business ops can be made to the office in Cole Harbour, or emailed to


PORT CITY COFFEE CO - Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm // Saturday 9am - 1pm

- Coffee Roastery - Baked Goods - Retail - Coffee - Espresso - 

958 Cole Harbour Road, Unit 5, Dartmouth, Nova Scoita

902-462-5684 - No Solicitation 


All products are prepared for take-a-way.
Alderney Landing has seating in the common area and public washrooms 


Port City Coffee is also available at these locations --- 

The Osney Cafe & Social, Halifax NS

Brightwood Brewery, Dartmouth NS

Portland Street Creperie, Dartmouth NS

Port City Grocery, Sydney NS 

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